“Big Things Come in Small Packages”

“What an amazing gem. If you are in the desert, this is water. If you are in the wilderness, it is vision. Whether you are on the mountain top or in the valley below, this masterwork is for you. Powerful Moments captures the beauty of God’s creation, proclaims the Truth of scripture, and makes known the deep revelation that is freely given to those who humbly and boldly seek Him.”
~Scott Markle, Amazon.com Reviewer

“A Great Gift for Yourself and Your Closest Friends”

“This is a powerful devotional that is simply stated but most direct. It will really witness to your soul and draw you closer to the One and Only God — get ready to grow in your walk with Him.”
~Theresa Jensen, Amazon.com reviewer

“Love in the Face of ISIS” is not simply a book on how to pray over the situation in the Middle East…

…it is a book of prayer strategies for your life as well. Would you like to sense deeper encounters with God’s presence? Do you need new strategies to defeat the enemy’s plans over your life? Do you desire to know God as your Defender? Do you need His strength to persevere? Could you use more provision for spiritual, emotional and or physical needs? Is there any area of your life that needs healing? How is your peace holding up?

If any of these areas resound with your heart, we encourage you to pick up a copy of this book—and learn as we did how to pray and release the power of God through His covenantal names over these areas of your life. He is the Great I AM.

Brutally torn from their family, the bond between two Iraqi brothers is severely tested as they struggle to adapt and survive when their lives fall into the hands of a street gang controlled by ISIS.

This is the story God gave Lorraine to write in the most miraculous way (you can read the backstory here). It is clear this is a story that originated on His heart–a story that needs to be told. This movie gives viewers in the West an understanding of life, culture and religion in the Middle East, and explores how ISIS was able to grow and thrive as it conquered the hearts of many in such a short time.

This film is currently under development. Check back often to receive updates and prayer strategies for this important story, based off of real-life accounts in the Middle East.