What Can Be Done in the Face of Such Evil?

In less than a year’s time, ISIS has grown into a terrifying reality in the Middle East.

Thousands have been persecuted and martyred by this network of Islamic terrorists, and their numbers are increasing. It seems impossible to turn on the news without hearing of new atrocities committed by this violent organization.

As ISIS continues to gain momentum and advance its territory, many Christians find themselves feeling powerless and afraid.

What can be done in the face of such evil?

In this timely, compelling book, the spirit behind ISIS is exposed, and seven specific prayer strategies are unveiled to effect real change in the Middle East. Through true-life stories of supernatural intervention, you’ll see how God is already at work in the midst of the violence, and you’ll learn how to join His work through powerful, effective prayer.

Don’t be afraid. 

Partner with the purposes of God—and declare to ISIS that Love is coming after them.

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              Iraqi Christian Refugees in Jordan

When Prayer is Your Only Hope

I sat attentively in a workshop with eight other writers. We had just listened to a presentation on “The Power of Your Premise”—how to write that all-important pitch which will hook a publisher into championing your project and bring your book to life. Now it was our turn to put what we learned into practice.

Divided into groups of three, our facilitator gave each team a topic of her choosing, for which we were to come up with an eye-catching title and a compelling premise statement. So far, so good.

The first group was assigned to write on a current event. The second group was received a fun and frivolous assignment.  My group received the topic of a sobering world event—ISIS and the Middle East.

The facilitator had no idea that in just a few weeks time, my husband Gabriel and I would be in Jordan to meet with Iraqi Christians who had fled the clutches of ISIS. But God knew. It was the perfect set-up.

Immediately, I had a picture in my mind of looking at the earth from God’s perspective. I knew this would be a book of prayer strategies—prayers spoken in agreement with God’s heart.

Our group set to work on developing the title and premise statement. When we finished, I looked at what we had written and thought, That’s a book I would love to read!

The next thought that entered my mind completely shocked me: That’s a book I think I should write.

That one eventful class put into motion a series of miraculous, God-appointed open doors. Within one month, I received an email from Chosen Books with a contract for the book title, Love in the Face of ISIS—with a pending deadline just twelve weeks away.

I felt like David the shepherd boy facing Goliath the giant.

I didn’t feel qualified to write on this subject. I wasn’t an expert on the Middle East and I wasn’t an expert on prayer. This wasn’t a topic that had been burning on my heart.

And yet…in that moment, I knew that God had positioned me to be the one to listen to His voice and to bring His hope into this hopeless situation.

Each day before I began to write, I asked the Lord to make my heart like His. I asked for His wisdom and His direction. A blank white page can be a daunting challenge. I asked Him for His words. And each day, I saw miracles take place in front of my eyes.

Twelve weeks later, Love in the Face of ISIS was complete.

Through prayer, the impossible became possible.

The journey didn’t end there—in many ways, it is just beginning. Now you have an opportunity to partner with the purposes of God to see His plans released through the power of prayer. I hope you will join me. Today’s a great day to start!

~Lorraine Marie Varela

What Others are Saying…

“Lorraine has visited with some of those most affected in this evil war zone and is showing us the Jesus way to respond. If you are grieving over the victims of ISIS, read this book.”
Don Finto

Founder and Director Emeritus, Caleb Company

“Lorraine Varela is a gifted writer, and her book is a challenge to Christians to be informed, to pray fervently for our brothers and sisters abroad and to practice Christlike grace and truth–even when confronting the darkest of foes.”
Lela Gilbert

Author and Journalist, Jerusalem, Israel

“This is a must-read! You will be encouraged to join the army of radical lovers and intercessors by joining the great Intercessor.”
Samaa Habib

Author, "Face to Face with Jesus"

“The love of G-d brings light into absolute darkness. It changes and transforms individual lives. This is a book that can change your life.”
The Reverend Canon Dr. Andrew P.B. White

Author, "The Vicar of Baghdad: Fighting for Peace in the Middle East"


“Love in the Face of ISIS”

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Primary focus: Relief distribution to Iraqi refugees in Jordan and to Internally Displaced Persons (IDP’s) in Iraq and Kurdistan, providing them with food, shelter, medical care and education for the children.

“What these people need more than anything is to be loved and provided for, and that’s what we do,” Canon Andrew White told us as we drove through Amman.

Gabriel and I were on our way to meet with the Iraqi families who found refuge in Jordan. I expected to be deeply moved by our time together—I did not expect to see myself, reflected in their faces. They are us. We are them. Their stories could be our stories, one day.

Andrew introduced us to his new friends, and showed us the many ways relief aid was poured out for the refugees. Shelter. Food. Education. Medical care. The response of the people when Andrew came near showed the gratitude of hearts that words could not express.

It’s beautiful to watch love in action.

Website: www.FRRMEAmerica.org
Facebook: www.Facebook.com/FRRME
Facebook: www.Facebook.com/americanfrrme


Primary focus: Alaan Alliance’s mission is to demonstrate God’s love by serving families with emergency food, shelter, education and vetting services. They work to relieve human suffering in the face of war, natural disaster, persecution and poverty; building hope and peace through relief, recovery and restoration.

On our trip into Jordan in 2015, Gabriel and I met Richard and Christy Sherrod, the founders of Alaan Alliance. Together we visited the Iraqi Christian refugees who had fled from ISIS just months prior. Everywhere we went, we saw Richard and Christy pour out the love of Jesus into the hearts of people, Christian and Muslim alike… and the people responded to them with love in return. We prayed with Richard and Christy for the healing of the sick, in homes and in churches. We watched them distribute resources for food and housing. We watched their compassion in action.

Alaan Alliance is a non-profit, 501 (c)(3) international relief organization and is solely supported by the generous contributions of its financial partners.

Website: www.alaanalliance.com


Primary focus: Providing food and shelter to families persecuted by extremists, education for their children and small business empowerment grants to help people put their lives back together. Also provides life-saving heart surgeries for people in the Middle East.

“Peace. I love this because it’s what gets me up every morning—it keeps me going when I just want to quit!” said Matt Willingham, the Communications Director for PLC. “Peace is possible, though many would dismiss it as naïve or simplistic. Everything we do points to peace in its fullest, most all-encompassing sense. Heart surgeries, housing, new jobs, trauma counseling for ISIS victims, food and anything else we offer is about peace, shalom, salaam.”

A quick tour around their website and you’ll see that Matt’s words ring true. When others run away, they run in. They are committed to traveling into conflict zones so that people know they are not forgotten, so the people are not left alone.

They’ve learned to push back fear with love.

Website: www.preemptivelove.org
Facebook: www.Facebook.com/preemptivelove