How to Live in Financial Peace

May 21, 2021 | Books, Inspiration, YouTube Video

Everyone wants to live in financial peace. Few of us know how to get there.


On the back cover of his book “The Blessed Life,” author Robert Morris states: “This book will transform your life for the better, bringing you guaranteed financial results. But it will do more than that. It will change every area of your life.

In this first video episode of a 7-part series on “Books That Changed My Life,” I begin by sharing about this book that has truly lived up to the power of its premise. Robert’s stories of extreme faith enabled him to obey God and give away his cars, houses, and empty his bank accounts, giving his assets away to others without regret. Robert learned by experience the secret that “You can’t outgive God!” Β These God-given experiences inspired my own ability to trust God with my giving, releasing financial peace time and again.

Do you need a supernatural breakthrough in your finances? Get ready to receive!Β 

Could you give away your house if God asked you to? Robert and his wife Debbie did this not just once, but TWICE! That inspires me. Generosity touches us in deeply meaningful ways. What’s the most generous gift you’ve ever given? Ever received? How did these experiences make you feel?

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