How to Remind God of His Promises

May 26, 2021 | Books, Inspiration, YouTube Video

Promises made, promises kept — God is faithful to His Word! It’s our privilege to remind Him of His promises through our spoken decrees.


In this video, I share insights from Patricia King’s book, “The Power of the Decree,” as she teaches us how to remind God of His promises through the power of the decree. When our voices speak out God’s written Word, these decrees contain His power to transform our lives.

This video contains three tips I gleaned while reading Patricia’s book, and I add a bonus tip of my own! You’ll learn the difference between making a confession, a proclamation, and a decree. You’ll hear supernatural testimonies of decrees in action and come away with a game plan on how to activate God’s promises in your life through your spoken decrees.

Get ready to declare God’s Word for supernatural breakthrough in your life!