How to Travel in the Middle East Without Fear

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Lorraine Marie Varela is an author, screenwriter, and professional photographer. She and her husband Gabriel are the co-founders of Inspiring Faith International, a ministry to draw people closer to the heart of God.

Date Published

April 17, 2021

Would you go anywhere the Lord sends you? Even if it may seem dangerous and others may not understand? Something profound takes place when we set our feet in the places God calls us to go.

I never dreamed that one day God would send us to Egypt, Jordan, Israel, and Iraq โ€” all places that have seen times of war and unrest…. all places He has sent us to go. I’ve long carried a YES in my heart, and I think that has made all the difference. There is joy in the journey that connects our hearts with His.ย 


We hope that our trip to Iraqi Kurdistan will inspire many YES’s in your heart to get up and go to the places He has planned for you!



Please note: This trip was taken just before Covid closed the world to travel (temporarily). Restrictions in Iraq were especially severe. Iโ€™m so glad we made it into and out of the country while we could.

7 Easy Steps on How to Travel in the Middle East Without Fear


Inspired by Gabriel’s logical mind and organizational abilities, I’ll put what we’ve learned over the years into several easy steps:

  1. PRAY.ย You must know that you know God is calling you to this area, and that it’s not just a thirst for adventure that’s leading you forward.
  2. Maintain a willing heart to go to the places God is sending you to go. Don’t be like Jonah! He eventually got to Ninevah (modern-day Mosul, Iraq), but he hit some bumps along the way. Learn from his mistakes.
  3. Form authentic and meaningful relationships with those serving in the countries you believe God is leading to you visit โ€” then support your new friends with your finances and your prayers.
  4. Learn about the culture and customs. The more you know what’s customary and expected, the better you’re able to engage with the people. If you don’t know, ask!
  5. Keep your eyes open to your environment and your senses activatedย for what’s taking place around you. Don’t get trapped into a situationย where fools rush in and the wise fear to tread!
  6. Be aware of the spiritual atmosphere, ย just as you are of your natural surroundings. Spiritual activity is easily detected while traveling in the Middle East โ€” you may even encounter angels as you go!
  7. Remind yourself of God’s goodness as you travel. Record the miracles, the God-encounters and God-surprises that leave you in awe. Thank the Lord for what He is doing and for what He has done. To God be the glory!

Well, what do you think? ย Easy, yes?ย 

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