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“Healing is a process the Lord walks with you in love. His heart is for you. His love surrounds you.”

LORRAINE MARIE VARELA, from Planned from the Start: A Healing Devotional

Lorraine’s new book, Planned from the Start: A Healing Devotional, is a timely resource and a companion to the feature film Unplanned, which explores Abby Johnson’s journey from Planned Parenthood clinic director to pro-life advocate. Abby’s story is an emotional roller coaster for many women and men whose lives have been touched by abortion. This devotional was written to release healing and restore identity, destiny, and purpose to those who have suffered from the far-reaching effects abortion brings. For more information, please click here: Planned from the Start

Special ministry discounts apply to churches, crisis pregnancy centers, post-abortion healing groups, and counseling centers.

Abby Johnson shares heartbreaking statistics regarding abortion 

Ashley Bratcher, lead actress in Unplanned, shares how she nearly became an abortion statistic herself

Chuck Konzleman and Cary Solomon, Writers-Directors of Unplanned, speak about Abby’s desire to help women in crisis

“The ability to hear God’s voice is not just for a select few—it is available for all who believe in Him.”

LORRAINE MARIE VARELA, from Powerful Moments in the Presence of God

Scatter Light

I like spending time with smart people. Learning something new can be interesting and fun. For example, take this job description a chemist gave when asked what she did for a living: “I scatter light.” Doesn’t that intrigue you? I had no idea...

The Heart of True Repentance

The worst mass shooting in America took place this week. What happens when the response is neither tears or prayers, but a lack of empathy for the victims and their loved ones?

Living Words Create Life

We are surrounded by words. Can you feel it? Everyone has an opinion about everything. If you agree with someone’s ideology, fine. If not, get ready for an onslaught of negativity and divisiveness. Sometimes, you just need to take a break.